Ragged Branch Distillery

Founded in 2010, Ragged Branch was born from Alex Toomy’s desire to establish a bourbon distillery in the Ragged Mountains outside Charlottesville, Virginia with his friends and colleagues, Chris Sarpy and Russell Nance. Wanting to learn from the best, the partners consulted with bourbon artisan Dave Pickerell, who taught them the time-honored, old-school methods of producing straight bourbon. From the beginning, Ragged Branch has been committed to crafting the finest, authentic Virginia Straight Bourbon with no short-cuts. 

Every drop of Ragged Branch is distilled right on our farm. We grind the grain, distill, age, and bottle on property. All raw grains for the bourbon come from within 15 miles of right here. Our own farm, Pounding Branch, is home to 800 acres of crops and cattle.  

Every little bit counts here at Ragged Branch, we have almost zero waste. The water in the distillery is recycled for cooling tanks, the mash from the bourbon is fed to the cattle to create our own unique flavor of beef, and right in the tasting room, everything is hand crafted to create the finest and most authentic tasting cocktail you could have.  

We take pride in our work, giving you the best bourbon, we can make. Sip it slow, savor the tradition.